Study of a mobile app interface supporting behaviour change in electric vehicles use

This paper is based on a study aimed at examining how historical data on energy consumptions in electric vehicles could be (re)designed by taking into account Kahneman’s theories (in particular “Fast and Slow thinking”, Kahneman, 2011 and “Prospect Theory”, Kahneman & Tversky, 1979): they should be applied to support driver’s behaviour changing, in particular eco-driving, by focusing on loss rather than gain. This paper describes i) the design of an HMI concept as part of a mobile app, providing information on energy consumption in two versions (loss/gain of recovered km). It is based on a literature analysis on energy use behaviour and eco-driving and an analysis of information systems for home energy use and instrument clusters already in use in electric vehicles (Fully Electric - FEV and Hybrid - HEV, ii) a heuristic evaluation of the HMI concept; ii) outcomes from a co-design session.