Studying coopetition in a wine industry context: Directions for future research

2017-12-13T15:37:42Z (GMT) by James M. Crick
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to highlight the theoretical and methodological value of studying coopetition (the interplay between cooperation and competition) in a wine industry context. Design/methodology/approach – Key publications surrounding wine industries across multiple countries were reviewed to understand how the wine industry is a highly-appropriate empirical context to investigate coopetition. Findings – The findings revealed that the wine industry is a highly-suitable empirical context for researchers to explore coopetition. Specifically, being a highly-cooperative and competitive market, the wine industry provides a unique outlook into how coopetition is managed. Originality/value – This paper helps scholars appreciate the theoretical and methodological benefits of using a wine industry context to evaluate coopetition. Hence, scholars should utilise the wine industry, to obtain rich empirical data surrounding coopetition. The paper ends with a set of recommendations for future research.