Summary of final results from WP4.3 through to WP4.7 as at M54: TeleFOT [Field Operational Tests of Aftermarket and Nomadic Devices in Vehicles] D4.2.3b

This deliverable is the second of two Deliverables from Sub-project 4 of TeleFOT (Evaluation and Assessment) that each report on the results across each of the impact areas considered within TeleFOT (Safety, Mobility, Efficiency, Environment and User uptake). Deliverable D4.2.3a reports on the interim/first results that were available shortly after the FOTs had finished. However, not all of the data had been processed at that stage and there was more analysis of these data requied in order to address the research questions that were formulated in the first year of TeleFOT. This deliverable therefore follows on directly from D4.2.3a and provides a summary of all final results that are available from TeleFOT and which are presented within deliverables D4.3.3 through to D4.7.3. These results are based on the outcomes of the final analyses with the field data in each impact area and are focused on data available from both LFOTs and DFOTs. Full descriptions of the analyses can be found in the following TeleFOT Deliverables • D4.3.3 – Impacts on Safety – Results and Implications • D4.3.4 – Field Opertional Tests of eCall • D4.4.3 – Impacts on Mobility – Results and Implications • D4.5.3 - TeleFOT applications efficiency impact • D4.6.3 - Impacts on Environment – Results and Implications • D4.7.3 – Results and Implications of User Uptake Analysis