Summary of interim results from WP4.3 through to WP4.7 as at M48: TeleFOT [Field Operational Tests of Aftermarket and Nomadic Devices in Vehicles] D4.2.3a

This deliverable is the first of two Deliverables from Sub-project 4 of TeleFOT (Evaluation and Assessment) that each report on the results across each of the impact areas considered within TeleFOT (Safety, Mobility, Efficiency, Environment and User uptake). However, at the time of preparing this Deliverable, (M46 to M48), only limited data were available within the project on which to base the first report. Therefore, this deliverable provides a summary of the results that are available and which are presented within deliverables D4.3.2 through to D4.7.2. These results are based predominantly on the outcomes of the first analyses with the field data in each impact area and are focused on data available from both LFOTs and DFOTs. Full descriptions of the analyses can be found in TeleFOT Deliverables D4.3.2, D4.4.2, D4.5.2, D4.6.2 and D4.7.2.