Surface systems and lubricants mitigating in-cylinder friction

2018-10-15T10:19:21Z (GMT) by Michael Forder
Many aspects of performance, efficiency and reliability of the internal combustion engine filter down from the developments found in the world of Motorsport. A significant number of the features that are found in modern mass-produced engines originate from high performance engines. One of these advancements has been the reduction of friction that is created at the interface of the moving components within the engine. The most significant area where the highest single point of friction occurs is between the cylinder liner and the piston ring. This is highest in the areas of “bottom dead center” (BDC) and “top dead center” (TDC) where the piston and rings momentarily stop and then change direction. By developing an advanced piston liner material, mated to a suitable lubricant, this area of friction could be significantly reduced.