Syngas composition in atmospheric pressure gasifiers after a catalytic treatment

The current work describes the experimental results of the composition of syngas obtained from gasification of municipal solid waste (MSW). This particular study was carried out in an updraft, atmospheric-pressure, and pilot-scale gasifier. The gasifier is also outfitted with a gas reflux line, air and oxygen feed, and a catalytic packed-bed reactor coupled to the gasification unit in order to improve the syngas quality. Characteristics and operation variables related to the gas retention time along the gasifier and catalytic reactor are also mentioned and analyzed as part of the described study. The assessment was focused in increasing the carbon monoxide (CO) concentration in the outlet stream of syngas while the carbon dioxide (CO2) is reduced. Observed effects in other gaseous components of syngas are also mentioned . Preliminary results show the proposed alternative is able to increase the CO/ CO2 ratio in 30% in comparison with reported results of similar gasifiers. The described phenomenon appears as a suitable and low-cost alternative for enhancing the energy content and the content of energy vectors such as CO and hydrogen (H2) of syngas in gasification processes since high pressure conditions are avoided.