Synthetic aperture sonar

2012-12-07T11:55:06Z (GMT) by Avtar S. Gida
Synthetic aperture techniques have been applied very successfully for many years in astronomy and radar to obtain high resolution images, an outstanding example in recent years being the use in remote sensing satellite systems. In underwater acoustics, because of the inherent problems caused by random fluctuations in the signal path, the slow velocity of the acoustic wave and the unknown movements of the transducer as it traverses the aperture, the application of the synthetic aperture technique has mainly been limited to the very useful but rather inferior non-coherent technique known as side-scan sonar. However the rapid advances that are being made in micro-chip technology and fast digital signal processing, and the development in image processing algorithms has created renewed interest in the possible application of the synthetic aperture technique to underwater acoustics. This thesis describes such a study.