Systematic control on energy recovery of electrified turbocharged diesel engines

2017-03-21T14:27:08Z (GMT) by Dezong Zhao Richard Stobart
© 2015 IEEE.Recovering energy from exhaust gas is seen as the promising solution to save fuel consumption of diesel engines, where the key issue in maximizing fuel economy benefits is the management of energy flows in the optimal way. This paper proposes a systematic control strategy on both energy management and air path regulation of an electrified turbocharged diesel engine (ETDE). The Energy management and air path regulation is formulated as a multi-variable online optimization problem with constraints. The equivalent consumption minimization strategy (ECMS) is employed as the supervisory level controller, to calculate the optimal energy flow distribution. An explicit model predictive controller (EMPC) is developed as the low level controller to implement the optimal energy flow distribution. The two controllers work together as cascaded modules in real-time, while simulation results based on a physical model show the superior performance over the conventional distributed single-input single-output (SISO) control method.