Teachers' and pupils' perceptions of creativity across different key stages

2015-09-07T12:16:44Z (GMT) by Sarah Turner
The new Secondary Curriculum (implemented in 2008) saw greater emphasis on creativity within the National Curriculum for England. Since this term has been boldly stated, how have teachers and pupils responded to it in the classroom? This study draws on responses from a range of pupils in different Key Stages (2 (pupils aged 7-11), 3 (pupils aged 11-14) , 4 (pupils aged 14-16), and 5) who reported that creativity helped their learning and engaged them. Teachers participated by completing a questionnaire and their responses showed teachers' differing approaches to defining (and therefore showing their understanding of applying) creativity (innovative teaching, different activities for teaching and learning). A varied list of methods for embedding it in their teaching was provided. Many more primary teachers than secondary explored their use of creative teaching and appeared more comfortable with this approach. The initiatives taken to encourage teachers to adopt a more creative approach have had some impact; however, more training is required. © 2013 Manchester University Press.