Team-based design for Design and Technology

2006-07-06T13:37:30Z (GMT) by Howard G. Denton
Schools and universities are under pressure to develop team working capability in pupils and students. This pressure comes from: a. Industry and commerce, as there are strong indications that well-designed team working improves performance (Hoerr, 1989; Saba, 1989) and working relationships (Buchanan, 1989). b. Education, as there is evidence that cooperative work can support learning generally (Cowie & Rudduck, 1988). This article reviews some of the relevant literature. The development of team-based design capability is illustrated over the four years of teacher training in Design and Technology at Loughborough University in the United Kingdom. Finally, issues in developing team-based design capability in schools are identified. In this article a team is defined as a number of individuals cooperating in the production of a single outcome; a group as individuals cooperating, but producing individual outcomes.