The 2012 imperative teach-in for ecological literacy in design education

2018-11-29T14:43:14Z (GMT) by Joanna Boehnert
Case Studies 143The 2012 Imperative is a transformative learning project with the ambitious objective of embedding ecological and sustainability literacy in design education by 2012. The project . was launched with a ‘Teach-in’ which took place on 12 October2009 in a large lecture theatre at the Victoria and Albert Museum(V&A) in London. Sustainable education will depend on an ecologically literate educational paradigm, but making this shift is a daunting challenge.Stephen Sterling’s work on transformative learning suggests that a participatory approach to learning is necessary in order to effect the change in attitudes and behaviour required to integrate sustainability into formal education. This case study will describe the 2012 ImperativeTeach-in and report on progress towards the project’s goals. For background information please see the website: