The Conversation Analytic Role-play Method (CARM): a method for training communication skills as an alternative to simulated role-play

2014-08-13T10:15:38Z (GMT) by Elizabeth Stokoe
The Conversation Analytic Role-play Method (CARM) is an approach to training, based on conversation analytic evidence about the problems and roadblocks that can occur in institutional interaction. Traditional training often relies on role-play, but that differs systematically from the actual events it is meant to mimic and prepare for. In contrast, CARM uses animated audio- and video-recordings of real-time, actual encounters. CARM provides a unique framework for discussing and evaluating, in slow motion, actual talk as people do their jobs. It also provides an evidence base for making decisions about effective practice and communication policy in organizations. This article describes CARM's distinctive practices and its impact on professional development across different organizations. Data are in British English.