The EO-as-Experimentation perspective: the examination of the entrepreneurial orientation and firm performance/survival relationship

The implications of entrepreneurial orientation (EO) on firm performance have been extensively examined in the literature. However, limited attention has been given to the wide range of performance implications EO may have on shareholder value and financial performance; and the risk of failure created by EO. Instead, current studies have relied on short-term measures of firm performance and focused on a sample of active firms, revealing only the advantageous effects of EO on a firm’s performance as a consequence. This research aims to advance research on EO by examining the effects of EO on firm performance and survival on a separate sample of active and inactive firms in a longitudinal timeframe from the pre-financial crisis period to the post-crisis period. The research aims to reveal new insights into the EO–performance relationship by utilising the EO-as-experimentation perspective.