The Epstein-Zin model with liquidity extension

2017-02-10T11:39:38Z (GMT) by Weimin Liu Di Luo Huainan Zhao
In this paper, we extend the Epstein and Zin (1989, 1991) model with liquidity risk and assess the extended model's performance against the traditional consumption pricing models. We show that liquidity is a significant risk factor, and it adds considerable explanatory power to the model. The liquidity-extended model produces both a higher cross-sectional R2 and a smaller Hansen and Jagannathan (1997) distance than the traditional consumption-based capital asset pricing model (CCAPM) and the original Epstein-Zin model. Overall, we show that liquidity is both a priced factor and a key contributor to the extended Epstein-Zin model's goodness-of-fit.