The Late Quaternary palaeohydrology of the middle Trent: a sedimentological study

2018-10-17T08:59:33Z (GMT) by Craig A. Winters
A systematic palaeohydrological investigation has been carried out on the floodplain gravels of the middle Trent valley at Barrow-upon-Trent. Consideration has been given to the relationship between floodplain stratigraphy and river morphology using sedimentological lithofacies analysis. Previous research has suggested that the floodplain deposits represent two distinct depositional processes which should be regarded as separate units, namely the 'Holme–Pierrepont Sand and Gravel', and the 'Hemington Terrace' deposits. Six distinct lithofacies types have been identified and interpreted in terms of origin and position in the riverine tract. [Continues.]