The New Futurist Manifesto (Revised, Expanded and Updated)

2013-08-12T09:03:16Z (GMT) by Dave Beech Andy Hewitt Mel Jordan
The Freee Collective have written a manifesto entitled ‘The New Futurist Manifesto’ which uses the original Futurist manifesto as a template. Freee have updated the manifesto simply by changing the odd word here and there and sometimes by adding whole sections to change the meaning and politics of the original to suit a radical critique of the current world order. The manifesto was launched at the ICA exactly 100 years after the original. It starts with a history and theory of manifestos and leads from there to a series of specific demands that are timely and point to a better future – or perhaps a better futurism! ‘All art must take sides!’ it says, ‘Protest is more beautiful than the return to beauty in art’, and ‘The correct response to public art is anger!’