The Professor John Eggleston memorial lecture 2006. Values, human judgement and sustainability in design and technology education.

2010-06-24T11:27:45Z (GMT) by E.W.L. Norman
This lecture seeks to explore some aspects of the conceptual progress that has been made in design and technology education since the pioneering work of Professor John Eggleston (1971). This exploration draws on research conducted within the Design Education Research Group at Loughborough University over the last ten years, which indicates the crucial part that human judgement plays in design decisionmaking. The implications are discussed within the context of the sustainability agenda and the role of appropriate eco-design tools is noted. The vital contributions of ‘learning by doing’ and a ‘hands-on approach’ are emphasised and the key relationship between innovation, designing and the articulation of knowledge is recognised. The lecture concludes by discussing the importance of this relationship, as well as taking interdisciplinary approaches, for research and curriculum development in design and technology education.