The UPA-Ecosan concept in Uganda: socio-acceptability and hygiene safety

The interdisciplinary PhD research “Potentials and Constraints to the Link of Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture and Ecological Sanitation” carried out at University of Technology Hamburg-Harburg, TUHH assesses the safe reuse of faeces and urine and the social acceptability of re-circulation of human-derived nutrients. Thus facilitating the interaction of ecosan and agriculture. The research complements already conducted and on-going work. Vital part of the studies is the continuous monitoring of temperature and humidity and the repeated analyses of bio-solids for pH and microbiological parameters over a period of twelve months. Furthermore a study on the survival of Ascaris suum eggs in the faecal matter is carried out while the assessment of the socio-cultural acceptance of human derived nutrients is conducted by interviews. Preliminary results from interviews and observations are presented.