The case for London's Latin Quarter: retention, growth, sustainability

2016-06-27T14:09:23Z (GMT) by Patria Roman-Velazquez Nicola Hill
The Case for London’s Latin Quarter: Retention, Growth, Sustainability is the output of 18 months of research with the local community and other key stakeholders at Elephant and Castle in London, which is the current focus of one of Europe’s largest regeneration projects. The result is a strategic community vision that maps the journey of the Latin Quarter and identifies its contribution to the revitalisation of Elephant and Castle (EC) both now and into the future. Retaining cultural diversity in regeneration strategies is a key urban challenge for many cities nowadays. In answer to this the report proposes 5 development opportunities for adoption in the case of the Latin Quarter at EC. The reprot then draws upon these findings to identify three priority areas and makes 10 recommendations for engaging, accounting for and incorporating migrant and ethnic businesses (MEBs) and local communities throughout wide-scale programmes of regeneration.