The effect of annealing pressure and time on the crystallinity of CZTSe

2018-03-05T11:38:55Z (GMT) by Ramazan Katirci Michael Walls
In this study, the effect of annealing pressure and time on the homogeneity and the formation of the CZTSe structure was investigated. The deposition of the CZTSe coating was carried out using an electroplating method. The morphology and crystal structure of the coating was investigated using SEM-EDS, XRD and Raman spectroscopy. CZTSe films with optimised crystallinity and uniformity were obtained using an annealing process performed at 10 Torr for 1 hour. The use of lower pressures increases the crystallinity and the purity of the CZTSe film and decreases the density of secondary phases and the annealing time providing an additional benefit.