The effects of culture on manufacturing organisation in Zimbabwe

2018-06-01T15:27:13Z (GMT) by Morgen Chateuka
Less Industrialised Countries (LICs) are faced with globalisation of Manufacturing and business organisations, a reorganisation that requires use of new manufacturing systems and business organisation concepts like Agile corporation, Virtual organisation, Networks of Business Structures, Holonic and Bionic manufacturing organisation, just to name a few, all taking advantage of developments in electronic communication systems, computers and transportation networks which have reduced the distance between the customer, supplier and the manufacturer. LICs are likely to remain the candidates of further underdevelopment if manufacturing and business organisations ignore these necessary changes. It is therefore the aim and objective of this research to investigate the influence of culture on manufacturing and business organisation and propose ways and procedures where possible for the LICs to take advantage of these modem manufacturing systems and technologies, which seem to offer their advantages at lower capital costs as compared to what AMTs used to offer. [Continues.]