The ergonomics of attention responsive technology

ART (Attention-Responsive Technology) is a new three year UK research project which will enable individuals to access technology efficiently in situations where their mobility is either impaired, as a result of disability or age, or because movement is undesirable due to environmental hazards. The system works by monitoring both the individual and the ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) devices (termed here ‘objects’) in his/her environment and then uses knowledge of the individual’s gaze behaviour to determine to which ICT device they are attending. This information is relayed to a user-configurable control panel, which then displays as a graphical user interface (GUI) only those controls that are appropriate, both to the user and to the particular object in question. The user can then choose to operate the object. ART therefore acts as an enabling technology, with the system fully user configurable and able to cater for future developments in technology.