The feeling of emotion across the life span

2018-11-08T09:46:49Z (GMT) by Jeanette G. Janes
This thesis examines emotion and the feeling of emotion across the life-span. The ageing population is growing, and as emotions may influence aspects of healthy ageing, it is of importance to know the differences and similarities in the experience and perception of emotion between the younger and older population, as this may tell us more about emotions themselves. Due to recent years' development of technology our knowledge of the neurological aspects of emotions have increased, and with this emotions have re-gained the interest of researchers from various fields such as neuroscience and philosophy as well as many areas of psychology. Still, emotion definitions are many and varied, and influenced by the area investigated. The aim of this thesis was to provide a working definition of emotion which could encompass the different aspects of what emotions are believed to be, and to investigate emotion in different age groups. [Continues.]