The impact of consumer archetypes on online purchase decision-making processes and outcomes: A behavioural process perspective

This study investigates differences in online purchase behaviour between consumer archetypes. It shows how consumers' decision-making styles and product knowledge define distinct archetypal behaviour that shapes online purchase processes and affects decision-related outcomes: satisfaction with choice; and satisfaction with process. The first study proposes a new modelling approach that creates an accurate representation of decision-making behaviour. Using this method, a clear structure that underlies seemingly chaotic purchase processes is identified. This structure offers an analytical tool capable of capturing behavioural differences between archetypes. The results show that decision-making style and product knowledge affect the structure and complexity of decision-making processes. The second study found that consumers with higher product knowledge are more satisfied with decision-making process and that this relationship is mediated by the duration of decision-making. Maximizers are more satisfied with their choice than satisficers, and this relationship is mediated by the number of alternatives that are evaluated.