The importance of organisational issues in systems development

2013-10-23T13:46:37Z (GMT) by Neil Doherty Malcolm King
Abstract: A survey of senior and influential IT managers explored the related questions of why some senior IT professionals perceive organisational issues to be more important than technical issues, and whether this has a concomitant impact on the treatment of organisational issues. An overall response rate of 63% was achieved from a combined survey of two distinct groups. The results show that there are significant differences in managers’ perceptions about the importance of organisational issues which can, to some extent, be explained in terms of organisational size, and to a lesser extent by the favoured development approach. However, these differences in perception appear to have no identifiable relation to the significant differences in the approaches adopted for treating organisational issues. It is suggested that this is due to the difficulties in treating such issues and further research to resolve these difficulties is proposed.