The influence of landslide shape and continental shelf on landslide generated tsunamis along a plane beach

2015-03-26T15:59:28Z (GMT) by Emiliano Renzi Paolo Sammarco
This work proposes an advancement in analytical modelling of landslide tsunamis propagating along a plane beach. It is divided into two parts. In the first one, the analytical two-horizontal-dimension model of Sammarco and Renzi (2008) for tsunamis generated by a Gaussian-shaped landslide on a plane beach is revised and extended to realistic landslide shapes. The influence of finiteness and shape of the slide on the propagating waves is investigated and discussed. In the second part, a new model of landslide tsunamis propagating along a semi-plane beach is devised to analyse the role of the continental platform in attenuating the wave amplitude along the shoreline. With these parameters taken into account, the fit with available experimental data is enhanced and the model completed.