The macro-policies and micropolitics influencing pre-service secondary school physical education teachers’ interpretations of pedagogy, when using a gymnastics interactive mobile website at one university in England

2019-11-06T08:59:21Z (GMT) by Joanne McVeigh
This study reports on the use of a purposefully designed bespoke mobile website, as part of a gymnastics module of work (10 weeks), on a Post Graduate Certificate of Education course in 2014. This involved 23 (f = 13 / m = 10) secondary physical education (PE) pre-service teachers, a teacher educator (female) and me (researcher, website designer and teacher educator). Additionally, a pilot study was conducted in 2013 (2 weeks), involving 24 PE pre-service teachers, with the aim of testing the mobile website’s usability. The intent of the mobile website was to support the development of pedagogical content knowledge and constructivist pedagogies of PE pre-service teachers, as they learnt to teach gymnastics. [Continues.]