The making of the German post-war economy : political communication and public reception of the social market economy after World War Two, Christian L. Glossner [review]

2014-08-05T14:33:58Z (GMT) by Jeremy Leaman
Some publishers of academic books have a lot to answer for. This book by Christian Glossner is a case in point. The first and simple reason for saying this is that the quality of the written English is so deficient that one can only conclude that no-one at I. B. Tauris actually read the manuscript and that the copy-editing was virtually non-existent. External examiners of doctoral theses by non-native writers of English might turn a generous blind eye to stylistic stodginess, grammatical and syntactical glitches and even the odd mistake in translations from German, but this volume is being marketed at £59.50 and, for this, the reader deserves better.