The mechanical behaviour of carbon fibre composites at high rates of loading

2018-07-26T10:57:15Z (GMT) by David J. Martin
This thesis describes an investigation of stress wave propagation in solids in order to study the behaviour of materials under simulated impact conditions. The dynamic stress–strain response of carbon fibre composites has been investigated experimentally for a compressive loading of about 40μs duration. The split Hopkinson pressure bar has been used for these measurements, in which cylindrical specimens are sandwiched between two steel rods and deformed under a compressive stress wave induced by impacting the free end of one rod with a 0.22" bullet. An optical recording has been employed, in which the displacement of a metal shutter attached to each steel rod has been monitored during the passage of the pulse. Results have been obtained for several fibre volume fractions, two fibre lay-ups and two fibre directions relative to the impact. [Continues.]