The mixing characteristics of dilution jets issuing into a confined cross-flow

2018-04-17T13:24:04Z (GMT) by Jonathan F. Carrotte
An experimental investigation has been carried out into the mixing of a row of jets injected into a confined cross-flow. Measurements were made on a fully annular test facility, the geometry of the rig simulating that found in the dilution zone of a gas turbine combustion chamber. A small temperature difference of 44°C between the cross-flow and dilution fluid allowed the mixing characteristics to be assessed, with hot jets being injected into a relatively cold cross-flow at a jet to cross-flow momentum flux ratio of 4.0. The investigation concentrated on differences in the mixing of individual dilution jets, as indicated by the regularity of the temperature patterns around the cross-flow annulus. Despite the uniform conditions approaching the dilution holes there were significant differences in the temperature patterns produced by the dilution jets around the annulus. [Continues.]