The outcomes related to sport and physical activity: a better understanding of health, social, labour and academic impacts

2019-04-25T10:04:59Z (GMT) by Cristina Muniz Paul Downward
Sport and physical activity are recognized as central to the delivery of both economic and non-economic outcomes in society. In terms of economic outcomes, they contribute on a macro level to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and also to the level of employment. Sport and physical activity also has microeconomic outcomes as well through the labour market. In addition to direct economic outcomes, sport also has impacts on health and education as well as the development of social capital and integration. Whilst these are important outcomes in themselves, they also indirectly influence labour market outcomes. This chapter consequently provides insight into the role of sport with respect to these outcomes. Gaps in the literature and methodological weaknesses are also identified. Finally, implications for the Spanish context are presented which could be informative for policy-makers in fostering an array of desirable outcomes by means of engagement in sports.