The performance of pulsed-pressure wetted-wall distillation columns

2018-08-07T09:12:19Z (GMT) by Sabah S. Gabbay
The main purpose of this work was to investigate the characteristics and operational performance of pulsed wetted-wall distillation columns at total reflux and using the binary system methylcyclohexane/toluene. The results of a detailed study on three concentric-tube, wetted-wall columns are given both with the application of pulsations on the vapour phase and without. Marked improvement in the performance of the columns expressed as number of transfer units (N.T.U.) was obtained by using pulsations in the range of 0–21 cycles/sec, even to the extent of quadrupling the efficiency. It was found that an increase in efficiency was obtained for both increase in amplitude and frequency and that there exists a maximum efficiency at an approximate frequency of 17 cycles per second. [Continues.]