The political economy of Germany under Chancellors Kohl and Schroder: decline of the German model?

2014-08-05T15:05:12Z (GMT) by Jeremy Leaman
CHAPTER 1. 1982: Crisis and Transition. CHAPTER 2. The Fall of Helmut Schmidt and the Formation of the Wende Administration. CHAPTER 3. The Kohl Era: CDU Supply-sidism in Practice. CHAPTER 4. Liberalisation and Monetary Accumulation. CHAPTER 5. German Unification and the Unravelling of Neoliberalism. CHAPTER 6. The Transformation Crisis in the East in an International Context: 1995–2006. CHAPTER 7. Squaring the Circle: Politico-economic Trends in the Schröder Era. CHAPTER 8. Coping with Stagnation: the Persistent Contradictions of Economic Orthodoxies in Germany and Europe.