The prevalence of musculoskeletal troubles among car drivers

2014-09-02T10:55:56Z (GMT) by J. Mark Porter Diane E. Gyi
In order to explore the relationship between car driving and musculoskeletal troubles, a cross-sectional structured-interview survey of low to high mileage drivers (including individuals who drove as part of their job) was conducted based on the Nordic Musculoskeletal Questionnaire. The results clearly showed that exposure to car driving was associated with reported sickness absence due to low back trouble and that those who drive as part of their job appear to be more at risk from low back trouble than those whose jobs primarily involve sitting (not driving) and standing activities. The frequency of reported discomfort also increased with higher annual mileage. In addition, drivers of cars with more adjustable driving packages had fewer reported musculoskeletal troubles. This identifies an urgent need for the training of managers of fleet vehicles in the importance of developing measures to reduce this problem. For example, the selection of an individual's car with respect to comfort and postural criteria.