The process of knowledge construction: a triple parallel wrighting [sic] of science, sociology of scientific knowledge and a candidate Ph.D. thesis

2017-10-23T15:43:39Z (GMT) by Sumiko Mushakoji
This thesis is an inquiry into the 'process of knowledge construction' in three research domains. These domains are the research into endothelin (a potent vasoconstrictive peptide identified in 1988) in bio-medical science, Sociology of Scientific Knowledge (henceforth, SSK) and the SSK-oriented research of the 'process of knowledge construction' pursued by the Candidate PhD student. The thesis is pursued with a recognition of the self-referential character of itself, that is, reflexivity. Namely, the Candidate's research, including the writing/reading of this thesis, is itself a process of knowledge construction. This recognition is displayed in and through a series of experimental textual forms, 'New Literary Forms (henceforth, NLFs) developed in SSK. Through NLFs, the thesis aims to make itself a wrighting, which connotes "'writing', 'righting' (correcting), and 'wright-ing' (making and working)" (Ashmore 1985, 1989), of the triple parallel process of knowledge construction. [Continues.]