The role of programmable TRVS for space heating energy demand reduction in UK homes

2014-11-20T11:10:23Z (GMT) by Ali Badiei Steven Firth Farid Fouchal
This paper aims to investigate the potential of advanced radiator controls to reduce space heating energy demand in dwellings. The study uses Dynamic Thermal Modelling (DTM) to compare the space heating energy consumption of dwellings with programmable Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs) and dwellings with conventional TRVs. Conventional TRVs can often lead to overheating or heating rooms when not required. Programmable TRVs can overcome these limitations and this study employs DTM software package, DesignBuilder to estimate the resultant heating energy savings in a semi-detached dwelling. It is found that use of programmable TRVs can lead to space heating energy savings of up to 30%, without reducing thermal comfort of occupants.