The use of a decision makers culture to help inform the preferences used within a generalized utility function

2017-04-20T09:08:49Z (GMT) by Guy Schmidt
This paper provides the background rationale for and description of a conceptual Decision Influence Model (DIM) using utility functions taking into account the effect of culture on decision outcomes. This work was developed based on an assessment of the wider influences upon decision making within the Air Transport System (ATS). A novel approach in the use and development of utility functions is expressed, via the use of the Decision Makers (DM) culture. The usefulness of the approach, when validated, is the potential to generate useful utility functions, as a decision aid, from industry generic decision attributes within the context of an airlines decision to purchase aircraft, which are ‘tailored’ via the DM’s culture. This paper is an introduction to the concept, outline of an approach and demonstration of possible outcomes. A description of the developed DIM and its application is provided.