Therapeutic recreation in social work practice for special needs groups

2018-07-09T08:23:34Z (GMT) by James H. Jeal
This thesis charts developments in the UK in relation to work with people with physical and/or learning disabilities and the manner in which recreational and leisure activities are increasingly utilised. Consideration is given to how the therapeutic value of recreation and leisure facilitated by social services departments with these groups can be significantly enhanced by the development of knowledge and applied skill in staff. The manner in which recreation and leisure could assist the achievement of service and professional objectives and the possible working arrangements which could be adopted in day centres are discussed. Consideration is also given to lessons which could be learned from the USA where therapeutic recreation has been promoted through, among other things, the formation of a new profession. The thesis highlights that while lessons may be learned from the USA, a new profession will not be a requisite of either sustained development or visibility of therapeutic recreation in the UK; it concludes that this will come only if a commitment is made by central government, employers and professional associations to policy formulations which brings therapeutic recreation into the mainstream of service activity, supported by formalised operational strategies and funding.