Throughput analysis and optimization of wireless-powered multiple antenna full-duplex relay systems

© 2016 IEEE.We consider a full-duplex (FD) decode-and-forward system in which the time-switching protocol is employed by the multiantenna relay to receive energy from the source and transmit information to the destination. The instantaneous throughput is maximized by optimizing receive and transmit beamformers at the relay and the time-split parameter. We study both optimum and suboptimum schemes. The reformulated problem in the optimum scheme achieves closed-form solutions in terms of transmit beamformer for some scenarios. In other scenarios, the optimization problem is formulated as a semidefinite relaxation problem and a rank-one optimum solution is always guaranteed. In the suboptimum schemes, the beamformers are obtained using maximum ratio combining, zero-forcing, and maximum ratio transmission. When beamformers have closed-form solutions, the achievable instantaneous and delay-constrained throughput are analytically characterized. Our results reveal that beamforming increases both the energy harvesting and loop interference suppression capabilities at the FD relay.Moreover, simulation results demonstrate that the choice of the linear processing scheme as well as the time-split plays a critical role in determining the FD gains.