Ti alloy with enhanced machinability in UAT turning

Metastable β-titanium alloys such as Ti 15V 3Al 3Cr 3Sn are of great technological interest thanks to their high fatigue strength-to-density ratio. However, their high hardness and poor machinability increase machining costs. Additionally, formation of undesirable long chips increases the machining time. To address those issues, a metastable β-titanium alloy (Ti 15V 3Al 3Cr 2Zr 0.9La) with enhanced machinability was developed to produce short chips even at low cutting speeds. A hybrid ultrasonically assisted machining technique, known to reduce cutting forces, was employed in this study. Cutting force components and surface quality of the finished work-pieces were analyzed for a range of cutting speeds in comparison with those for more traditional Ti 15V 3Al 3Cr 3Sn. The novel alloy demonstrated slightly improved machining characteristics at higher cutting speeds and is now ready for industrial applications.