Too much buzz about nothing? Uses of social media in Czech news production

2016-09-14T12:19:52Z (GMT) by Vaclav Stetka Radim Hladik
This chapter contributes to the debate about the impact of social media on the changing patterns of news production. Applying content analysis to a six-month sample of news articles from 2013, this empirical study explores the influence of information on social networks, especially Facebook and Twitter, on the agenda of the main Czech news media outlets (both print and electronic). The chapter addresses following questions: Which topics get covered using social media as news sources? What purpose do the quotes from social networks serve within the overall logic of news stories? Do references to social media reflect their role as sources or their appeal as a topic in its own right? The analysis aims to find out if there are differences between tabloid and quality press in the references to social media content. Finally, the study strives to assess whether the reliance on social media in newsgathering changes the established practices of gatekeeping and opens up new possibilities for actors and civic groups often denied access to traditional mainstream media.