Tools for database handling: TeleFOT deliverable D4.1.1

This deliverable D4.1.1 gives an overview of database tools used in the TeleFOT project. The test sites collect a large amount of vehicle logger, service-related and questionnaire data. This information is transferred to a central database for further processing and analysis. The data is enriched with tools such as map matching to supplement GPS coordinates with road attributes. The database tools used in the project fall in the following categories: - Database solutions tied to tested services or logger data collection. These tools may also provide data quality checks and driver feedback/reporting e.g. via a website. - Project tools for extracting driving performance indicators from database and monitoring quality. These programs are run periodically in the central server. - Project tools for data enrichment, mainly map matching. - Generic commercial and open source database viewers and administration tools. - Data access and analysis with mathematical and statistical tools such as SPSS and MATLAB. The objectives of this work in WP4.1 are to complete a system for FOT data handling and to support analysts (other WPs in SP4) with database tools and scripts. The starting point of the work are the WP2.2 (Methods and tools) and WP2.3 (Data specification), especially T2.3.1 (Data acquisition) and T2.3.3 (Database structure), The database structure and tools are currently being tested in FOT pilots, preceding full-scale FOTs. The development continues as feedback is received from the pilots and analysts.