Toward adaptive and intelligent electroadhesives for robotic material handling

An autonomous, adaptive, and intelligent electroadhesive material handling system has been presented in this paper. The system has been proposed and defined based on the identification of a system need through a comprehensive literature review and laboratory-based experimental tests. The proof of the proposed concept has been implemented by a low cost and novel electroadhesive pad design and manufacture process, and a mechatronic and reconfigurable platform, where force, humidity, and capacitive sensors have been employed. This provides a solution to an autonomous elelctroadhesive material handling system that is environmentally and substrate material adaptive. The results have shown that the minimum voltage can be applied to robustly grasp different materials under different environment conditions. The proposed system is particularly useful for pick-and-place applications where various types of materials and changing environments exist such as robotic material handling applications in the textile and waste recycling industry.