Towards a circular economy: exploring factors to repair broken electrical and electronics products by users with pro-environmental inclination

User repair can prolong product lifespan and support in turn the transformative Circular Economy agenda. Current research concerning user motivations and propensity to repair differs as to the extent at which users’ environmental concerns influence repair propensity. Because of this, the focus of this study is on potential individuals with pro-environmental inclination, as a mean to identify the factors supporting and hindering repair. To this end, an in-depth survey exploring factors influencing repair propensity for electrical and electronic goods was executed. Findings from 208 respondents affiliated with pro-environmental communities identify innovativeness and frugality traits as significant factors influencing repair propensity. Qualitative analysis has shown the significance of financial considerations in deciding to repair or replace, and how access to helping relationships alleviate most of the barriers to repair, including lack of access to repair shops and lack of knowledge and skills. The findings of this study provide much needed insight into repair behaviour. Furthermore, the insights provided will aid researchers and policy makers to develop appropriate interventions to support repair.