Towards a framework for knowledge management in project management

Studies have shown that knowledge management is an enabler of organisational processes and helps achieve projected objectives. This paper investigated the role of knowledge management in enabling project management to achieve project objectives. Using relevant literature of project management the research identified project success, faster completion times, operational efficiency, innovation and generation of new knowledge as dominating project management expectations in the past ten years. The research decided to study the role of knowledge management in enabling project management achieve these five objectives. An analysis of the PM process as a knowledge generating process led to the formulation of a KM model for PM. Using a quantitative approach, data was sought from 1000 respondents out of a population of 10000 from 11 project management areas in 8 world regions in order to test the conceptual model in real world scenarios. The data gathered was analysed using quantitative analysis tools (SPSS) and techniques such as reliability, correlation and regression. Knowledge management was found to be a factor in speeding up project completion times. It was also linked to innovation, project success, operational efficiency and the generation of new knowledge. The CRAI model was linked to the five project outcomes selected by the study.