Towards industrial internet of things: crankshaft monitoring, traceability and tracking using RFID

The large number of requirements and opportunities for automatic identification in manufacturing domains such as automotive and electronics has accelerated the demand for item-level tracking using radio-frequency identification technology. End-users are interested in implementing automatic identification systems, which are capable of ensuring full component process history, traceability and tracking preventing costly downtime to rectify processing defects and product recalls. The research outlined in this paper investigates the feasibility of implementing an RFID system for the manufacturing and assembly of crankshafts. The proposed solution involves the attachment of bolts with embedded RFID functionality by fitting a reader antenna reader to an overhead gantry that spans the production line and reads and writes production data to the tags. The manufacturing, assembly and service data captured through RFID tags and stored on a local server, could further be integrated with higher-level business applications facilitating seamless integration within the factory.