Tracking multiple mobile targets based on the ZigBee standard

2010-03-10T15:18:36Z (GMT) by Tareq Ali Alhmiedat Shuang-Hua Yang
Target localization and tracking problems in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) have received considerable attention recently, driven by the necessity to achieve a higher localization accuracy, a lower cost, and a smallest form factor. Despite the interest on target tracking and localization issues, there are few systems deployed using ZigBee network standard, and there is no tracking system that has used the full roles for ZigBee network standard. Tracking through the ZigBee network standard is a challenging task when the density of router and end-device nodes is low, due to the limited communication capabilities of end-device nodes. This paper addresses the research challenges in localization and tracking of multiple mobile targets through the implementation of a ZigBee based real-time surveillance applications. The proposed system is a power-efficient system that does not require any additional hardware devices, and can be deployed where the density of beacon nodes is low. This proposed tracking system can be applied in various indoor applications, such as military, civil, and health applications.