Train-the-Trainer Manual - deliverable D6.2 of the SaferAfrica Project

This manual is meant to support lecturers who wish to incorporate a course on road safety into the curriculum of another educational program. Various professions have linkages with the problems and issues related to road safety. For some of these it is evident: engineering and technology, political and social sciences. In other professions, specific aspects of road safety can hold important input. - Road safety education requires a place in the training of teachers (primary and secondary schools), since children need to be taught as early as possible how to behave safely on the road. - Government wanting to set up an effective enforcement plan need to ensure police have good knowledge of road safety behaviour. - For new drivers, learning to drive concerns not only traffic rules and handling a car, but also understanding the psychology of a road user and traffic in general. Furthermore, many more professions deal with road safety issues in their job which makes it worthwhile considering implementing aspects of road safety into the existing curriculum.