Transfer function phase prediction for a flat plate

2010-07-26T09:58:08Z (GMT) by L. Wang Stephen Walsh
This paper reports an investigation into the phase accumulation characteristics in the transfer function of a flat plate for bending waves. The paper starts with an overview of previous research on the phase characteristics in an ideal vibrational wave field i.e. either a completely direct field or a completely diffuse field. This initial research is extended by considering the phase accumulation characteristics of a non-ideal vibrational wave field i.e. a wave field between a direct field and a diffuse field. Various factors likely to influence the phase accumulation are discussed. Based on these factors and a pole and zero model of the direct field phase and the diffuse field phase, two mathematical models are presented for predicting the transfer function phase of a flat plate supporting a non-ideal wave field. Computer simulation results are given which compare the characteristics of the different models.