Transient thermal analysis of mixed-elastohydrodynamic contact of high performance transmission in a dry sump environment

Fuel efficiency is one of the main concerns in the optimization of modern racing transmissions. The dry sump transmissions are the preferred choice for high performance racing applications. While it provides adequate lubricant for gear contacts, it minimises the system churning losses, and therefore enhances the system efficiency. An important aspect is assessing its thermal performance in removing the generated frictional heat. The generated heat in the highly loaded high shear contacts of racing transmissions should be dissipated through use of directed impinging oil jets and in an air-oil mist environment. The paper presents an integrated tribological and 3D computational fluid dynamics analysis for a spur gear pair, incorporated into an overall finite element model to evaluate the quantity of generated heat and its removal rate from the rotating gear surfaces. Furthermore, the temperature distribution in the circumferential direction is predicted and used to evaluate transient temperature distribution over representative race laps. Such an approach has not hitherto been reported in literature.